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Jarred Kelenic Rookie Cards

Top 3 Jarred Kelenic rookie cards

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The future of the Seattle Mariners looked bright with top 2021 MLB prospect Jarred Kelenic in the lineup, but then 2022 came along which saw the value of Jarred Kelenic rookie cards tumble.

In most top prospect lists to begin the 2021 season, Kelenic easily landed in the top 5. But there is usually a learning curve to adapt to MLB pitching as was the case for Kelenic.

It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility to repeat for the Mariners and follow in his former teammate Kyle Lewis, to win Rookie of the Year honors. But then when he didn’t succeed and then came Julio Rodriguez, Kelenic seemed to be all but forgotten.

Since then, Kelenic has been making a little comeback in 2023 and collectors and fans alike are hoping his success continues.

Here are 3 Jarred Kelenic rookie cards we like best with links below to bid or buy them on eBay.

1. 2018 Bowman Chrome Draft Autograph Jarred Kelenic Rookie Cards

For any top MLB prospect, his 1st Bowman autograph card will in 99% of the cases hold the most value.

While the more rare refractors will go for thousands, there are the base autograph cards that are more common and cost significantly less than the color refractors.

2. 2018 Bowman Chrome Draft Variation Autograph Jarred Kelenic Rookie Cards

Generally speaking, the variation card that shows the player in a fielding position doesn’t go for as much as the one where they are batting (for non-pitchers of course).

This is true of Kelenic’s Bowman Chrome card with the aforementioned 1st Bowman which is Kelenic (then a Mets prospect) taking a swing.

But for those who are on a tighter budget, this variation autograph card is a nice consolation.

3. 2018 Bowman’s Best Autograph Jarred Kelenic Rookie Cards

While not as prestigious or sought after as the Bowman Chrome autograph cards, the Bowman’s Best is still a reputable set.

And the on-card autograph cards usually go for far less than the listed price of the Chrome cards. Plus they have several refractors to chase as well.

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  1. Few questions: wondering what the difference between bowmans best jarred kelenic auto refractor “atomic” and the one you listed. Big price difference on eBay. Also, can the orange chrome card listed be autographed later to increase the value or does it come this way from the package? Thanks! Karl

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