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Jackson Holliday Fun Face

Jackson Holliday Fun Face 2024 Topps Variation Cards

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The 2024 Topps Series 2 set has some nice chase cards including the short print variations of the Jackson Holliday Fun Face baseball cards.

There are six variations of the Baltimore Orioles’ young phenom discovered with sales ranging from a few hundred to almost a thousand.

Homage to an Iconic Card

Topps has cleverly paid homage to Billy Ripken’s notorious 1989 Fleer “F*ck Face” card with these new Jackson Holliday variations.

This legendary card caused quite a stir 35 years ago, and now, Holliday’s “Fun Face” cards are capturing a similar spirit of playful mischief.

The “Fun Face” inscription on Holliday’s bat knob is a direct nod to Ripken’s famous card.

The Six Fun Face Variations

  1. Original Fun Face: The first variation features the “Fun Face” text clearly written on the bat knob.
  2. Black Scribbled Out Fun Face: This version has the “Fun Face” text scribbled out with black marker.
  3. White Scribbled Out Fun Face: This version has the “Fun Face” text scribbled out with white scratches.
  4. White Knob Fun Face: In this variation, the “Fun Face” text is completely covered by a white knob.
  5. Black Boxed Fun Face: Here, the text is covered by a black box, reminiscent of Ripken’s card.
  6. Saw Cut Variation: This unique card features the Holliday Fun Face card with a deliberate cut in the card (another homage to the Billy Ripken cut cards intended to mark them to be thrown out of circulation.)

Beyond the Jackson Holliday Fun Face Cards

Jackson Holliday is not the only rookie with short print cards in 2024 Topps Series 2. Other promising rookies like Wyatt Langford of the Texas Rangers, Jackson Chourio of the Milwaukee Brewers, and Jackson Merrill of the San Diego Padres also have special variations, adding to the set’s overall appeal.

Holliday’s Journey to the Majors

While Holliday immediately faced challenges in his first call-up, hitting only .059 across ten games, the future still looks bright for him with his rookie cards still holding good value.

In the meantime, 2024 Topps Series 2 with its Jackson Holliday Fun Face variations should remain a fun chase.

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