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Jackie Robinson baseball cards

Jackie Robinson and his best baseball cards

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For those looking to invest in vintage baseball cards instead of breaking into cases looking for new autographed cards of current players, here’s one suggestion – Jackie Robinson.

His significance both on and off the field can’t be overstated with Robinson breaking the color barrier first competing in Major League Baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

And his stats and accolades are impressive too with a career .311 batting average, Rookie of the Year in 1947, six-time All-Star, and a World Champion in 1955.

There are a few of his baseball cards any vintage collector should add to their personal collection. Here are our recommendations with links to bid or buy on eBay.

1. 1948 Leaf Rookie Card #79

Considered his only true rookie card, for vintage collectors, the 1948 Leaf card is iconic.

Easily distinguishable with the bright yellow background, square shape and bold white letters, this card is a must have if you can afford it.

The better graded cards already have great value.

2. 1949 Bowman #50

While the 1949 Bowman baseball card of Jackie Robinson came out one year later than the 1948 Leaf, it still holds its value well as the years go by.

This baseball card is also distinguishable with its red background and a head and shoulders shot of the Hall-of-Famer.

Well-graded cards can also fetch thousands of dollars.

3. 1952 Topps #312

The 1952 Topps set is a favorite for many vintage baseball card collectors.

And it features Jackie Robison (again with a red background) with his bat on his shoulder during one of his career best seasons.

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