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It's true. There's a Mike Trout and Kris Bryant dual autograph, dual relic in one book card

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This year’s Allen & Ginter set has another amazing card – and this one is for baseball fans.
The book card that has the dual autograph and dual relic patch features two of the hottest young baseball stars today – Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant and Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout. (Click the link if you’re interested in seeing all facets of the card on eBay).

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.27.52 AM

Kris Bryant on the left, Mike Trout on the right.

And it’s numbered to just 10.
The cost? A Buy It Now price of $1,399.
The only “flaw” is that the autographs look to be on a sticker. But I suppose (a) it’s hard to get both players to sign the same card in a timely manner; and (b) when it features two of the best players to play the game today, it doesn’t matter as much.
Now the question is, how does one protect a book card? Is there a special toploader/sleeve combination for it?

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