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It was bound to happen: a comparison between Tim Tebow and Michael Jordan

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This Sports Illustrated article does a good job comparing the minor league “careers” of Tim Tebow and Michael Jordan who did much better in their primary sport. But that success didn’t necessarily translate into baseball.
Of course, while similar, there are differences in the circumstances in which Jordan and Tebow both tried his hand at professional baseball. The article outlines some of those points to consider.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.40.33 AM.pngBut bottom line: It ain’t easy to switch sports and play at a high level no matter how talented of an athlete you might be.
The card values of both players in baseball uniforms are most likely inflated due to name value alone. A PSA Graded 10 1991 Upper Deck baseball card of Jordan’s sold recently for about $80. But you can get his ungraded cards for $1 fairly easily.
We already talked about Tebow’s baseball card values, which seem more and more likely to follow the trajectory that Jordan’s baseball cards did.
In other words, they’re not great long-term investments but could be one of those cards that’s nice to have to reminisce about the time both Tebow and Jordan tried to make it into the big leagues.

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