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Huge sports card lot a starter kit for National Sports Collectors Convention?

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Here’s an interesting listing on eBay that’s up for auction ending tonight (July 16).

The seller in this listing is unloading a big sports card lot consisting of rookie cards – mostly basketball – with some autographed.

In the seller’s own words: “This is perfect lot for a dealer going to The National. There is roughly $12,000+ in current selling value.

Nearly every card is a rookie basketball card (there is two Bryce Harper Rookie’s). A lot of the lot is already graded and the cases are in good condition.

Of the ungraded cards everything was looked over and looks mint except I noted The condition of The Jordan autograph is a thick exquisite card and not mint condition (chipping on the back top edge and corner wear).

The Kawhi Rookie Auto Exquisite is also a thick card and not in mint condition (the corners are soft). The Lavine Exquisite rookie Auto gold has a small tear on the top right corner (barely noticeable).” 

If you’re interested, check out the auction below before it ends, which has 30 bids as of this writing at $3,400.

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