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Tom Brady rookie cards

How much will Tom Brady rookie cards go up with his retirement news?

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Listen. We know Tom Brady is the GOAT and his rookie card values are priced accordingly.

Even his non-rookie cards (ie. Brady in his Buccaneers uniform) commands pretty good value too.

But with news of his retirement after 22 seasons playing in the NFL, and winning seven Super Bowl rings, the question for collectors in the hobby is how much more can Tom Brady football cards increase in value?

How many more millions could his iconic Contenders autograph rookie card go for? Or how much can the popular Bowman Chrome rookie card fetch?

It’ll be interesting to see what the market is willing to pay. If you’re an owner, are you looking to list now and get whatever premium you could get from the retirement news? Or are you holding for the long term?

Here are some of his rookie cards listed below on eBay to gauge what his cards are going for now.

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