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How low will New York Yankees' Aaron Judge's autographed rookie card go?

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When it comes to Aaron Judge’s 2013 Bowman Chrome autographed rookie card, it’s gone from one extreme to the other.
Before the season, the base autographed card was valued on eBay for around $99 (BGS Graded 9.5/10). After the home run derby during the All-Star game, it skyrocketed to $1,499.
As of today (Aug. 14, 2017), auction prices end around the $700. There’s a Buy It Now pricing of $699.95 here.

So with this second half prolonged slump, the market seems to be correcting itself. The big question is how much lower can it go?
If he finishes off the 2017 season with a high strikeout rate (as he did the end of last season), it might be a good idea to wait a bit longer if you’re in the market for an Aaron Judge autographed rookie card.

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