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Happy birthday to the underrated Joe Carter

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It’s actually a belated birthday wish but better late than never, right?
Besides, the fact his birthday is not top of mind for many baseball enthusiasts (unless you’re a Toronto Blue Jays fan) kind of goes with how people remember his baseball career.
I’m not sure why he doesn’t get more baseball love despite a very productive career, which includes 10 seasons with 100-plus RBIs, five all-star game appearances and nearly 400 homeruns (just four shy) to his overall stat line.
And he probably has the most iconic homerun in Canadian baseball history off of “Wild Thing” Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Mitch Williams that goes nicely with his two World Series rings.

Of course, being undervalued also means his rookie cards are also underpriced. His 1984 Donruss PSA Graded 10 rookie card is available for just $125.
But we at haven’t forgotten you Mr. Carter. Here’s the kudos you deserve…and a happy belated!

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