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lebron james alternative rookie cards

Good Alternatives to Lebron James Topps Chrome Rookie Cards

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It seems the list price of the Lebron James Topps Chrome rookie cards (PSA 10 in particular) is setting a new baseline every month (or even week)!

By now, it’s priced out of most collectors’ budget so we’re here to offer alternatives.

Like almost every Lebron rookie cards, the nice and more limited ones are still for more high-end collectors. But in comparison to the Topps Chrome card, it’s a bargain.

Here are a few worth checking out with links below. But if you want to see the top Lebron rookie cards we still like best, check out our post here.

1. 2003 Topps Pristine Rookie Card #102 /999

What’s great about this card is that it’s on chromium stock and it’s numbered to just 999.

Plus it’s going for tens of thousands dollars less than the equivalent PSA graded card of Lebron’as Topps Chrome rookie card.

There are even higher end refractor cards numbered to 499 but that will put you back into super high-end price territory.

2. 2003 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives #1

For a non-numbered card with a clean look, the first card in the 2003 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives of Lebron James is a nice add to your personal collection.

Ungraded ones are still quite affordable but PSA 10 cards can go for a few thousand.

3. 2003 Topps Collection Rookie Card #221

An underrated rookie card in our opinion, the Topps Collection features Lebron in action.

It also has the Draft Pick #1 on the front of the card, which is consistent with the more expensive and popular Topps Chrome card.

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