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Going for perfection with Beckett BGS Black Label sports cards

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We know grading cards is subjective but there’s no way around it – collectors will still pay a premium for cards that are officially graded higher.

And there seems to be more trust put into grading services like Beckett and PSA to name just a couple.

But this post is all about Beckett, which many collectors of modern day sports cards seem to prefer, and if going for perfection – it’s the BGS Black label you want.

That perfect grade is given when the card in question obtains a perfect 10 for each subgrade: Centering, Corners, Edges, Surface.

A 9.5 in any of the subgrades with the remaining being 10 will give you a “Pristine 10” overall grade, which can be a big difference in how much a card gets listed and sold for.

Here are some of the BGS Black label cards in three relative pricing tiers (low-end, medium, high) currently available on eBay (click the links to bid/buy).




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