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Error Card for sale

Error cards listed for sale worth thousands

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You would think a printing error on a sports card would decrease its value, but the so-called error card in the hobby can actually be worth many thousands.

It makes sense on second thought with some of these error cards being extremely rare. One has the wrong birth year on the card, another has a blank back.

And there are popular ones like the Billy Ripken error card with some NSFW language on it.

But we found the ones that are currently on sale listed by the seller for thousands. For most, it won’t ever be worth what it’s listed for but it’s interesting to see the different error cards available.

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48 thoughts on “Error cards listed for sale worth thousands”

  1. Curtis stephens

    I have a 1991 Fleer Error cut Emmitt Smith what do you think that card is value at it’s bad enough with a end of Fleer in 91 is on the other cut

  2. Mark Miller

    I have an error card that nobody else has, as far as I can see from scouring the internet. It is a 1990 Donruss Mike Fetters card. Now, the card is already an error on the back showing the copyright “1989 Leaf”, but the left arm of Fetters on this card is black and white. This card was just opened last night in a pack and is clean. The discoloration has no marks on it, so you can tell it was a printing error, where color ink wasn’t applied.

  3. Got kobe bryant error with donald royal. I just wanna know if its really worth thousand. Thanks


  5. I saw an error card at a card shop of a 2006 Upper Deck SP Rasheed Wallace in the front and a Holoview of Shaq with Shaq’s stats on the rear of the card. What is the actual price of this type of card?

  6. I have several 2000 bowman chrome football rookies with no serial numbers can not find anything on these any help would be greatfull Thanks

  7. Lucas Casselberry

    I have a 1993 Skybox Mark Duper printing error that could be rare.
    It has most of the normal back printed, but it has about an inch of another cards top picture

  8. Matt Hellmann

    Anyone ever seen a 2004-05 Pro Sigs First Class Rookies NBA misprint where Luol Deng’s information and signature is on top of Shaun Livingston’s information?

  9. Barrett Garrison

    I have a Ken Griffy JR tops card that is way off center. How much is it worth?

  10. Skeet Scarbrough

    I have a 2020 illusion football card – lineage 3 patch card and it saids “ Los Angeles raiders “ not Las Vegas raiders . So I was wondering is that correct . It does have Marcus Allen on the card as well

  11. I have Jerry rice rookie and it’s a miscut on side with another card hooked to it and picture is crooked I can’t find another one like it I searched everywhere please let me no if I got something worth money thanks

    1. Andrew S Roberts

      I also got a jerry rice rookie card with Dwaine Board stats on the back… the front of the card with jerry rice seems to be centered fine … can you tell me anything as far as value goes

  12. I have a tommy pham Padres card with miguel cabrerra stats on the back 🤷‍♂️

  13. Mike Sun

    I have about 30 cards of 2020-21 upper deck series 1 hockey cards the front has no names at all or team logo the back has wats suppose to b on the back
    Is ther any value here ther are some big names on error cards

  14. Brandon Buis

    I have a 79-80 Wayne Gretzky opc rookie card and it’s a miscut, badly enough you can read the next guys name (Walters) I wonder if it’s worth as much as the PSA 10 that just broke the record lol

  15. the uribe card isn’t rare with the birth date error, i have 4 of them, which shows you that this card isn’t rare?

  16. Ricardo Villarreal

    I hv a 1991 proset super bowl supermen with jim taylor on front of card and willie laniers profile on the back..

  17. I have a 2001 topps of kobe bryant ca2 and on the backside at top of card has kevin garnet in gold upside down

  18. I have a Nicklas Backstrom hockey card (85 of 85).that says Congratulations you received a card with game used hockey jersey. However, there is no piece of Jersey on the front of the card. Worth anything?


    Please look at the “E” in “Expos” … I provide a short description of what I believe caused this and why this is actually a very valuable error card in the discussion on the EBAY sales page associated with the picture that link shows. I may be 100% wrong as I can only make educated guesses but you may find this interesting.

    1. Yes I can 1997 stadium club paul o Neal card with jeter. In the front ken Millwood in the back

  20. lori yacko

    I have a james poole card and a Hector Ortiz the names are switched on the cards are they worth anything?

  21. I have an error CARD: An upperdeck Sweet Shot jersey of Antonio McDyess, infront of the card the jersey he is wearing is New York no. 34 but at the back of the card it is written that the Jersey worn by Antonio McDyess as a member of the DENVER NUGGETS it should be NEW YORK KNICKS and the initials of Antonio McDyess should AMD not MC-J. What is the value my error card??

  22. Aaron C Waters

    I have a NBA 1972-1973 leaders assists. It has nate archibald (kings), Len wilkens (cavaliers), and Dave bing (pistons) If doesnt have any stats on the back its completely blank. Is it worth anything

  23. I have a mario lemieux 1990 proset miscut… never seen any on the internet like it… mint like new condition… any value?

  24. Michael bosh

    I have jose uribe card blank back plus Vincent Cole and George bell mark eichorn jim Acker mat young jaunt nieces teddy higuera Mike Fitzgerald and more back of cards are blank do they have value

  25. marvincards

    i have topps mt rookie error ken griffey jr scrape arm/double armband/ cup/plus rare scrape leftside face any value

  26. Gary Novins

    I have a rare 1 of 1 error card with 1997 Flair Showcase Row 0 seat 2 Derek Jeter in mint condition. The card has 3 errors ! The body of. Row 1, Seat 179 Ellis Burks card is superimposed upside down on top of the front of the Row 0 Derek Jeter. Second, the back of the Derek Jeter card is the upside-down back of the Row 1 Ellis Burks. Third, the Jeter card Row 0 should be sparkly but the error card is not.

    I purchased the nonerror Row 0 Derek Jeter and nonerror Row 1 Ellis Burks cards to prove the errors. I have photos of the cards I can provide. I am interested in selling this rare card at auction.

  27. Jerome Dela Cruz

    I have a zion williamson silver tribute rc (2019 hoops premium stock) misprint.. you can see easilly see the misaligned tribute logo, team logo (NOP) and also the lining on zion’s body frame. Need to know if the value of this card is more expensive than the good print?

  28. Scott Kostner

    I recently got a Patrick mahones game ticket numbered 04/40 with no seats or row or section and it’s a all black stamp any clue if it’s worth anything

  29. Andrew S Roberts

    I have a jerry rice rookie card with the stats being for Dwaine Board stats on the back…. can you tell me if I got anything here….

  30. John Richardson

    I have a 2014 Bowman Mike Trout BGS 9.5 no name front no foil at all on front. How can I add this one of to your site.

  31. jimmy williams

    I have a 1989 Darrell Evans Topps Traded card 31T on the back all his stats are pitcher related the only stats I see that is correct are the games played any ideas where I can find out this cards value

  32. Manuel Acevedo

    I have a 1990 fleer jay bell card number 459 in his last name bell the lower part of the b is a p

  33. Patrick Wright

    I have a 1992-93 Karl Malone AN4 with no name or any printing on the front that I’m trying to find some value info on. If anyone has any info it would be
    Greatly appreciated.

  34. william habben

    I’ve had an olympic MarK McGwire rookie blank back rookie card for the last 35 years, just card board color on the back no stats- Have never seen or heard of another one out there. Any info would be much appreciated. thank you

  35. I have a 2018 Donruss Dandy Defenders Nolan Arenado/DJ LeMahieu card that is missing a lot of the back information. I have the correct card and error card for reference. Any thoughts on value?

  36. Joan Leschuk

    I have a Georges Carpentier AW Sports, Inc 1991 #61 , it has a misprint on his birhdate reads Born : January 12 , 1994 !! Would it be worth anything?

  37. Thomas Wilcox Jr

    I have a 1992 fleer Jeff Malone number 224 basketball card that is a gorgeous card yet has no number printed on the back top left corner where the 224 is supposed to be. How do I contact someone about potential value please? Thank you for your time. Thomas

  38. Paul B Garrett

    I have 2 NFL error cards from Pinnacle inside ’97 . Card 116 which is Jim Everett and it has Drew Bledsoe on the right side (where the football cut should be) . The other card is 64 which is Bobby Engram and it has Danny Wuerffel on the right . Pinnacle and 2 local card shops told me “they don’t exist” … obviously they do ! Lol
    Anyone know who i can contact ?

  39. Mark Lipski

    I have a Daniel Santiago Rookie Card 00-01 Fleer 1214/1250. The number in the upper right hand corner is 237, and online I can only find the card with 263 on it. I’d like to see a few grand for it! 😉

  40. Justin Payette

    I have a 1993 fleer ultra Sammy Sosa missing the foil name on completely. Can’t find any mention of this error… any help is appreciated

  41. Debra Nicholas

    I have a Evan Longoria Goudey baseball card. It says “Ken Griffey Jr. says…” on it with a picture of someone else. Is it worth anything?

  42. Mike Dee

    I have a 1977 Tops its all of alan pages stats on the back and 3/4 of the card is him and the other 1/4 is a Seahawk. Whats it worth to you?

  43. I can’t find this anywhere. 1996 upper deck Jeff Brantley with no name where his name is supposed to go on the front of the card. What’s really cool is that it shows his shadow in the oval area where his name is supposed to be.

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