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Erling Haaland top rookie cards

Top 3 Erling Haaland rookie cards

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Nicknamed “The Terminator”, Erling Haaland is the next young hot soccer superstar player everyone in the game seems to be talking about and it’s no surprise that Erling Haaland rookie cards are in hot demand.

The prolific striker who will only turn 21 in July 2021 is one of the most sought after player both on the field and in the hobby.

If you’re looking for a rookie card to invest in, here’s our top choices but the listing price is rapidly increasing.

1. 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Autograph Erling Haaland Rookie Cards

For one of the premier high-end soccer cards with an autograph, the Topps Chrome Bundesliga card is for you.

Even with the sticker autograph, the rare parallels are going for tens of thousands to six-figures.

2. 2019 Panini Bundesliga Sticker Erling Haaland Rookie Cards

Sticker soccer cards (and we’re not talking about the sticker autographs…because there aren’t any on this card) might not be as familiar to hobbyists in North America who primarily collect basketball, baseball, and/or football.

But they’re common for soccer card collectors and although sticker cards are smaller than the conventional trading cards, a well-graded slabbed card commands thousands and are quite popular for high-end collectors.

3. 2019 Topps Finest UEFA Champions League Erling Haaland Rookie Cards

Here’s a cheaper alternative than the aforementioned Topps Chrome autograph card.

It’s a non-auto but it’s still on nice chromium stock. Plus the refractor parallel is worth thousands already. Or for those looking to add a base card, it’s still relatively afforable.

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