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Dual autograph patch card featuring two of the greatest basketball players – Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

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This is an amazing card.

You get a dual autograph card featuring arguably two of the best basketball players to have played the game in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

And on top of that, the autographs are both on patch relics.

As expected, it’s going for a very high price but the auction isn’t over yet (EDITED: Now sold but other high-end dual autograph cards of Kobe and Jordan cards are available below).

2006-07 Exquisite Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Dual AUTO Patch 1/5 BGS 8.5 RCR
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Dual Autograph basketball cards

BONUS: For high-end collectors, there are plenty of autographed cards for both Jordan and Bryant listed on eBay. Just click the link below to see the super high-ends cards for each player!

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