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Derek Jeter and his top 3 rookie cards

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Respectfully known as The Captain, Derek Jeter played his entire 20-year MLB career with The New York Yankees.

His accolades go on and on, which include five-time World Series champion, 3,465 career hits, rookie of the year, multiple MVP awards, just to name a few.

As he first broke into the league in the 1990s when many of the baseball cards released were mass produced, his most valuable rookie cards tend to be the ones that are hard to find in good condition.

Here’s what we feel are his best rookie cards (with links below to bid or purchase on eBay).

1. 1993 SP Foil #279

The foil background makes this card one of the most difficult to get a high grade as it chips very easily.

So each incremental increase in the grade can significantly increase the card’s value. For example, a PSA 9 (mint) can sell for about $5,000 while a PSA 10 (gem mint) sold in 2018 for more than $99,000.

On the flip side, the lower graded ones are much more affordable. It’s a clean looking rookie card that’s great to have in your personal collection.

2. 1993 Topps Gold #98

From the iconic baseball card brand Topps, this rookie card is much more accessible (price wise) than the SP Foil mentioned previously.

The Topps Gold card is actually a parallel version from the original 1993 Topps Baseball Series 1 set, which is even more affordable.

But if you’re looking for a more rare version, search for the Topps Gold card issued in the Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins inaugural sets.

3. 1993 Stadium Club #117

This set is known for the better photographs taken for each card and the Jeter rookie card is no exception.

Featuring the young Yankees shortstop in a staged batting pose, this card is also more limited in number than most of the other sets produced that same year.

And cards graded gem mint could be had for a few hundred dollars.

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  1. Christopher Orndorff

    I have a Topps derek jeter blank back rookie card graded by bccg. Graded number 10 how much would that be worth

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