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Dalmation Prizm Sports Cards

Dalmation Prizm: One too many parallels or cool addition?

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There’s been some complaints about Panini America just adding too many parallels in recent years.

Some say it dilutes the number of real hits you can get in hobby or jumbo box while others argue it makes pack ripping a lot more fun to see more color come out of them.

Others just don’t like the aesthetic of some of the newer parallels while others are all for it regardless of which animal print it might be like the Tiger Stripe parallels, Elephant parallels, or Peacock Choice parallels.

Now a fairly new (and another animal) parallel is called Dalmation (or is it a Holstein Cow?). A question: Is this one parallel too many or do collectors love the pattern resembling one of the more beloved dog species?

Or should Panini America just stop now?

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