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Chicago White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito: Buy low or just hype?

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I’m not sure how many people expected the trade that sent top prospect Lucas Giolito (and two other pitching prospects) to the Chicago White Sox for essentially Adam Eaton this off-season.
But I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one that was a little surprised.
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 2.21.20 PM.pngThe hype on Giolito when he played for the Washington Nationals reached peak level this past season as he was regularly on the top 10 lists of baseball scouts and columnists.
It wouldn’t be out of the norm to see his 2013 Bowman Chrome autographed rookie (GEM MT 9.5) valued at over $100 right before his call up late June.
Then we saw him struggle at the Major League level, which isn’t out of the norm either.
But the Nationals were willing to depart with their top pitching prospect to land an above average outfielder in Adam Eaton. Either they know something we don’t or they just flat out grew impatient with Giolito.
Maybe the White Sox saw a golden opportunity to rebuild their team with a potential stud pitcher who just needs more time to adapt to the big leagues. Like this report says, the trade could end up haunting the Nationals.
So if you side with the Nationals on this debate, it’s time to think about selling your rookie card currently going for about $60 (it plummeted down to $40 over the winter). I’d hold on a little longer as his price seems to be trending upward with everyone generally optimistic about the 2017 season and the fresh start it brings. But then you’d want to sell before his struggles continue from the previous season.
Or if you’re with the White Sox on this one, it’s a good time to buy now and hold on to his card for this season and the next as the team from Chicago’s south side continues to rebuild believing Giolito will be capable of anchoring their pitching staff.
So what’s your decision?

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  2. Pass, see my previous comments on cards when a player changes teams and amplify by the overall lower market for pitchers vs. hitters.

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