Check out which non-baseball autograph cards are in 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter

Part of the fun of opening up packs of the Allen & Ginter hobby boxes is the quirky subsets.

But there’s also the popular non-baseball autographed cards that many enjoy collecting as well.

While each year is hit and miss when it comes to which celebrities (ranging from A-list to D-list stars) actually end up with a card, there are always a few notable ones each season.

Here’s the link to the full checklist but if you’re curious to see who the non-baseball autograph cards belong to this year, see the list below.

  • MA-AA A.J. Andrews, Softball Player
  • MA-AC Augie Carton, Brewer & Podcast Host
  • MA-BF Brian Fallon, Musician
  • MA-BRO Burton Rocks, Sports Agent & Author
  • MA-BS Ben Schwartz, Actor & Comedian
  • MA-CM Charles Martinet, Video Game Voice Actor
  • MA-DC Danielle Colby, Reality TV Personality
  • MA-DD Drew Drechsel, American Ninja Warrior
  • MA-DR Dan Rather, TV Journalist
  • MA-EJA Emily Jaenson, Minor League BaseballĀ® General Manager
  • MA-GE Graham Elliot, Chef & TV Personality
  • MA-GV Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur
  • MA-HD Hailey Dawson, First Pitch Celebrity
  • MA-HF Harrison Ford, Actor
  • MA-HK Hilary Knight, Hockey Player
  • MA-JB Justin Bonomo, Professional Poker Player
  • MA-JC John Cynn, Professional Poker Player
  • MA-JL Jay Larson, Comedian
  • MA-KS Kyle Snyder, Freestyle Wrestler
  • MA-LC Loretta Claiborne, Special Olympics Athlete
  • MA-LR Lawrence Rocks, Chemist & Author
  • MA-MCO Mason Cox, Australian Rules Footballer
  • MA-MM Matthew Mercer, Voice Actor & Dungeonmaster
  • MA-MO Mike Oz, Baseball Card Video Host
  • MA-MS Mayumi Seto, Topps Artist
  • MA-MSU Marc Summers, TV Host
  • MA-QX Quinn XCII, Musician
  • MA-RB Rhea Butcher, Comedian
  • MA-RM Rodney Mullen, Professional Skateboarder
  • MA-RO Robert Oberst, Professional Strongman
  • MA-SMJ Sister Mary Jo Sobieck, First Pitch Celebrity
  • MA-TK Tyler Kepner, Baseball Writer
  • MA-VS Vincent Stio, Umpire Fan

And we also provided links for some valuable non-baseball autograph cards at the bottom of this post from previous years. Just click the link to see the actual listing with all the details.

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