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Check out these newly listed 1/1 autograph sports cards

For some of the best sports card auctions currently listed ending today, check out our Daily Auctions page, which is updated frequently!

While many of these seemed overpriced, it’s hard to put an initial dollar figure on a sports card where there is literally no other card to compare to.

The 1/1 autograph card is an amazing hit for any collector especially if it features a superstar player.

For those looking to add a one-of-one of their favorite player, it’s tricky to know when to buy it on eBay since once it’s gone, it might not be relisted again (and if it is, it’ll be likely relisted for higher).

Or maybe the market isn’t there and the price will go down. Either way, here are some 1/1 sports cards newly listed with links provided to the listings below.

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