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Rookie Card Guide

Profiling our top 3 favorite rookie cards of each player. is reader-supported. This site contains eBay and PWCC affiliate links for which I may be compensated when you buy through links on our site.
Brock Purdy rookie card

Top 3 Brock Purdy rookie cards

Despite being the last player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft, Brock Purdy has quickly made a name for himself and Brock Purdy rookie cards have become much more popular.

Trea Turner rookie card

Top 3 Trea Turner rookie cards

It doesn’t appear that Trea Turner rookie cards get enough respect in the hobby although wherever he’s played, all he’s done is hits and runs with great effectiveness.

Jasson Dominguez rookie cards

Top 3 Jasson Dominguez rookie cards

The hype was unreal for Jasson Dominguez as a teenager and in the hobby, you could find Jasson Dominguez rookie cards going for thousands of dollars without him having played one MLB game.

Ozzie Smith Baseball Cards

Top 3 Ozzie Smith baseball cards

Ozzie Smith, also known as “The Wizard,” was known for his defensive skills and his acrobatic flips, diving catches, and impeccable fielding. As a result, Ozzie Smith baseball cards are highly sought after by collectors in the hobby.

Joe Montana football cards

Best Joe Montana football cards

With a career that spanned 16 seasons, Joe Montana is regarded as one of the greatest QBs in NFL history and in the hobby, you can expect Joe Montana football cards at carry signficant value.

Bo Jackson baseball cards

Top 3 Bo Jackson baseball cards

Was Bo Jackson the greatest to play both baseball and football at the same time and if the answer is yes, should Bo Jackson baseball cards get more love in the hobby?

Larry Bird rookie card

Most Valuable Larry Bird rookie cards

To find the most iconic and recognizable Larry Bird rookie card, you’ll soon realize it also features a couple of not-so-shabby basketball players on the card.