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topps redemption card

Panini / Topps Redemption Card Process Flawed?

One of the major complaints about the hobby might be the Topps redemption card process (or Panini redemption card process for that matter). So is there anything that can be done to make it better?

anthony volpe rookie cards

Top 3 Anthony Volpe rookie cards

Anthony Volpe has already shown great skill and promise, earning a position on the New York Yankees roster in 2023. As a result, Anthony Volpe rookie cards have seen a nice bump before the start of the season.

what does pop mean in sports cards?

What does POP mean in sports cards?

The short answer to the question, “What does POP mean in sports cards?” is that “POP” is short for “population,” which refers to the number of cards that have received a particular grade from a grading service.

Justin Fields rookie card

Top 3 Justin Fields rookie cards

Justin Fields has quickly risen through the ranks both on the field and in the hobby with Justin Fields rookie cards rising in value.

Adley Rutschman rookie card

Top 3 Adley Rutschman rookie cards

Adley Rutschman rookie cards are getting some attention with some analysts favoring the Baltimore Orioles’ catcher as a future MVP player.

Joel Embiid rookie card

Top 3 Joel Embiid rookie cards

The most dominant player to have put on a Philadelphia 76ers since the days of Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson, might now be Joel Embiid. Yet the value of Joel Embiid rookie cards seem to be all over the place.

Tyrese Maxey rookie cards

Top 3 Tyrese Maxey rookie cards

Tyrese Maxey has been a key player and rising star on the Philadelphia 76ers, and in the hobby, Tyrese Maxey rookie cards are also on the rise.

what does rpa mean in sports cards

What does RPA mean in sports cards?

If you’re new to the hobby or returning since the junk wax era like many of us, there might be some terminology you’re hearing for the first time and you find yourself asking questions like, “What does RPA mean in sports cards?”

Free Sports Card Value Calculator

Free Sports Card Value Calculator

Use this free calculator to easily determine the profit (or loss) you’ve made flipping a sports card based on its current sports card value.