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Beginner’s Guide

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The popularity of group box breaks in the hobby

As a collector today, it’s become very obvious how group box breaks have grown in popularity.

Before moving forward, to quickly explain what group box breaks are, multiple collectors can each participate by paying for their spot in the box or case break.

Those spots can be separated by teams or divisions, which you can buy for a pre-determined price, or a random spot in which a draw would take place before the break to determine which collector has what team (with each person having paid the same price for each random spot).

At the end of the break, the collector receives the cards of the players that play for the team they purchased by mail.
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Five tips when buying your next baseball card for potential profit

If you read Making a quick flip: Tips on which players to target for short-term investments and Tips for picking the right players to invest in over the long-term, then you have a better idea of which baseball players have a higher chance of yielding a positive net value.