Zion Williamson basketball cards

Can these Zion Williamson autograph card values go higher?

The hype on Zion Williamson even before he’s played a single, regular season NBA game has been unreal.

But that hasn’t stopped the collectors in the hobby chasing Zion cards in hopes of getting that monster hit, which are going for big bucks.

Is it possible to live up to the hype and thus see some of these already pricey cards go up further in value? Or do you high-end collectors wait to see if you can get it at a discount when reality hits.

While we see how Zion’s career unfolds, here are some of the drool-worthy autograph basketball cards currently on the market. Click on the links to see the listings directly.

For more affordable cards than the ones below, check out our post of the top Zion Williamson rookie cards also available to collect here.

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