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The Last Dance Chicago Bulls basketball cards

Best basketball cards of Chicago Bulls from ‘The Last Dance’

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The highly anticipated Michael Jordan documentary titled ‘The Last Dance’ debuts April 19, 2020 and some collectors wonder if it’ll boost the value of some of the marquis players to be featured in the docu-series.

So we wanted to list some of the best basketball cards of those players here in this post.

Some of the cards will be obvious picks but the more interesting ones might be those of the supporting cast of the iconic 1990s Chicago Bulls.

Now take a stroll down memory lane below.

Michael Jordan

We, of course, have to start with the man himself – his Airness, number 23, MJ.

And possibly the most iconic, holy grail, basketball card belongs to Jordan with his 1986 Fleer rookie.

A high PSA Graded card can fetch tens of thousands. Here are a few at various different grades currently listed on eBay below. And if you want to see more Jordan rookie cards, check out this post here.

Scottie Pippen

Arguably the player that benefited the most from playing alongside MJ is Scottie Pippen.

But then many argue Pippen was vital to Jordan and the Bulls’ success in pulling off a three-peat.

While his well-graded Fleer rookie cards (1988-89) aren’t even close to the value of similarly graded Jordan Fleer rookies, some can be found in the thousands.

Dennis Rodman

Probably known for a lot more things off the court these days, but Rodman was a fierce competitor and defender coming up in the league.

Plus his impressive rebounding abilities was an incredible asset to the championship Bulls.

For both his on-court success and off-court pop culture relevance, his 1988-89 Fleer rookie card can see a bump after the documentary airs (and even the graded cards are relatively affordable now compare to Jordan and Pippen)

Other notables:

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