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Amazing 2017 Topps Five Star cut autographs for sale (while waiting for 2018 release next week)

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The cut autographs in the high-end Topps Five Star sets are some of the best hits you can get.

And with the 2018 Topps Five Star baseball set scheduled for release later this month, we’ll feature the best cut autograph cards that get listed on eBay.

In the meantime, here are some from last year’s set, which are currently available online, featuring iconic players as well as a famous actor.

Just click on the links below to see the actual posting on eBay.

1. 2017 Topps Five Star TY COBB AUTO 1/1 Legends Cut Signature Autograph

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.04.24 AM.png


2. 2017 Topps Five Star CY YOUNG AUTO 1/1 Legends Cut Signature Autograph

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.11.37 AM.png


3. 2017 Topps Five Star 1/1 Cut Signature Auto JOHN WAYNE American Icon Legend

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.12.24 AM.png


4. 2017 Topps Five Star * KIRBY PUCKETT * Cut Signature * Auto Autograph * #1/1

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.13.05 AM.png


5. 2017 Topps Five Star Dizzy Dean Cut Signature Auto # 1/1 

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.14.23 AM.png

For regular autograph cards from the 2017 Topps Five Star set, check out the list here!



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