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Michael Jordan Most Popular Hottest Basketball Cards

50 Most Popular Graded Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

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Many collectors are looking for the most popular graded Michael Jordan basketball cards so in this post, we created that list for you.

It’s no surprise that Michael Jordan basketball cards are highly sought after with the resurgence of the hobby.

Undoubtedly it’s one of the most important sports cards culturally is the 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer Basketball rookie card. And you might ask, “What’s the card value of Michael Jordan basketball cards these days?”

To no surprise, the highly graded Michael Jordan rookie card is also one of the most valuable and most sought after along with a few other well-graded Michael Jordan basketball cards listed for sale on eBay (even his base card from highly desirable sets).

As promised, check out the list below of the top 50 most watched eBay auctions currently listed for sale with many eyeing, unsurprisingly, the coveted Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card, the Michael Jordan Star cards as well as from high-end sets such as the Exquisite Collection.

But there are other graded gems in there too.

While not all of the watchers are going to seriously bid for some of these five-figure trading cards, it’s evident that many are just curious to see how much some of the auctions ultimately go for. Just what is the Michael Jordan rookie card value?

And perhaps some of the watchers on the Buy It Now (BIN) listings are just watching the card for aspirational purposes in hopes of one day being able to afford and own such an important sports card in the hobby.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 50 most popular Michael Jordan cards separated by PSA and BGS graded cards. It could answer your question of “How much is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?”

(Also scroll to the bottom to find out more information about the different kinds of Jordan cards).




Widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Jordan’s impact on the sport of basketball, as well as his popularity, has made his basketball cards highly sought after by many collectors.

No surprise but the Fleer Rookie Card (is it his true rookie?) and the Fleer Sticker card are a couple of the most sought after cards for hardcore basketball card collectors. Released in 1986, this card to some is the first official Michael Jordan card and it has become a must-have item for die-hard Jordan collectors.

But for even more high-end basketball cards of Jordan, take a look at the Upper Deck card which produced some Michael Jordan cards. That includes the Michael Jordan Game Jersey cards, which feature a piece of game-worn Jordan jersey.

Nike Promo Jordan cards are a popular choice for Michael Jordan collectors as it ties card and sneaker culture together. Nike Air Jordan cards are popular because of the equally iconic Air Jordan brand, which is still popular today.

Looking for autographed Jordan cards? Demand for them remain high so expect to pay a nice premium for any signed card of Jordan, which are pretty limited in number.

And if you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve compiled a list of Michael Jordan’s best baseball cards. Yes, that’s correct, he has a collection of sports cards when he had his brief stint playing professional baseball.

Lastly, cards with game-used memorabilia are another popular choice for MJ collectors. Again, the rarity of these cards makes them even more valuable to collectors.

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