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Top 10 autograph superfractor cards on eBay

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There are plenty of overpriced cards out there, but some of the autograph superfractor cards take the cake.

If you’re new to the hobby, superfractor sports cards are the rarest of all trading cards being one of one. These cards have a unique serial number and are the only one of their kind in the world.

Unlike other cards, which may have thousands or even millions of copies, the superfractor cards are truly one of a kind, making them incredibly valuable and highly sought after by collectors.

They are produced using a special printing process that creates only a single card from a particular design. This printing process is done using a special plate that creates a unique image for each card.

Rare 1/1 superfractor cards

Understanding these cards are 1/1, unique and rare, it’s hard to imagine who will actually purchase one at the price it’s listed for.

But that’s not to say there’s been no high value sales of superfractor cards. Just take a look at these recent sold listings on eBay here!

In any case, here are 10 very expensive superfractor cards, which you can take a closer look at by clicking the links below.

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