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Sports Card Auctions

10 Places To Find Sports Card Auctions

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With the resurgence of the sports card hobby with some big time sales already recorded, more collectors are looking for sports card auctions to bid on. And there are plenty of choices to do so.

Of course there’s eBay which is the most popular marketplace for sports card auctions. We curate our top sports card auctions ending each day on eBay on our popular Daily Auctions page.

But there are certainly some rare cards that don’t ever get listed there and instead find themselves posted on other marketplaces as well as more established sports card and memorabilia auction houses.

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It never hurts to check them out especially if you’re looking for a nice, rare (and high-end) sports cards. See below as we highlight 10 auction houses that every collector should know about.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions has established itself as a leading player in the sports card auction industry. With a rich heritage and an extensive collection of cards from various sports, they cater to collectors of all levels.

Their auctions feature iconic cards that have left a mark in sports history from vintage baseball cards to modern basketball gems, Heritage Auctions is a go-to destination for sports card auctions.

Goldin Auctions

Goldin Auctions has made waves in the sports card industry by offering an exceptional platform for buying and selling high-end cards.

Focused on authenticity, integrity, and customer satisfaction, Goldin Auctions has gained the trust of collectors worldwide. Plus its Netflix Series King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch has certainly helped promote their business.

Their auctions feature a wide range of sports cards, including rookie cards, autographed memorabilia, and rare inserts.

PWCC Marketplace

PWCC Marketplace is an online auction platform that connects collectors from all corners of the globe. They boast a vast selection of sports cards, from vintage to modern.

With their user-friendly interface and extensive catalog, PWCC Marketplace is a must-visit for sports card enthusiasts seeking rare and valuable additions to their collections.

Memory Lane, Inc.

Memory Lane, Inc. specializes in preserving the rich history of sports through their auctions. Their carefully curated auctions feature a blend of vintage and modern sports cards, attracting collectors with a keen eye for iconic pieces.

SCP Auctions

SCP Auctions is renowned for unearthing rare and unique sports memorabilia, including highly sought-after sports cards. Their sports card auctions present an array of remarkable items, allowing collectors to bid on some prized possessions.

From vintage baseball cards to game-worn jerseys, SCP Auctions offers a diverse range of sports memorabilia that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Lelands Auctions

Lelands Auctions has a rich history in the world of sports card auctions, offering a platform where collectors can find extraordinary items. Their auctions showcase an impressive assortment of sports cards, providing enthusiasts with opportunities to acquire cards of historical significance.

Mile High Card Company

Mile High Card Company is another great destination for sports card auctions. Their auctions feature a wide range of cards, especially some vintage classics you won’t find at a lot of other auction houses.

If iconic sports memorabilia is your thing, this might be a site to check out frequently.

Robert Edward Auctions

Robert Edward Auctions bills itself as the most trusted name in the hobby. With a reputation built on decades of experience, they curate auctions that showcase an impressive selection of sports cards and memorabilia.

From iconic rookie cards to one-of-a-kind items, Robert Edward Auctions attracts collectors who appreciate the finer details and historical significance of sports cards.

Huggins & Scott Auctions

Huggins & Scott Auctions has been connecting collectors with sports memorabilia treasures for over 30 years. Their auctions feature a diverse range of sports cards, catering to both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the hobby.

Hunt Auctions

Hunt Auctions encompass a wide range of sports cards, autographed memorabilia, and other sports-related items. For collectors seeking unique and valuable pieces, you can find auctions here that reflect a passion and excitement that surround the world of sports card and memorabilia collecting.

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